We are one of the best value added marble and granite kitchen table top installer in Malaysia. Quartz Idea has a dedicated team with more than 15 years of hands-on experience in natural stone worktop installation with products ranging from marble, granite, quartz and solid surfaces.

Aluminum wrappings are placed along the inner-linings of cabinets to enhance durability and to ensure a long lasting usage. 

You can also view our eight(8) ‘value-added’ and ‘peace of mind’ reasons that you should seriously consider us in your worktop installation project below:

Double Chamfered Edge
Double Half Round Edge
OG Edge
Double OG Edge
Rebate Edge
Double Chamfered Edge
Double 45 Flay Edge Double Mitre Edge
Chamfered Edge
Bullnose Round Edge Quarter Round Edge
Half Round Edge
Special Profile Edge
Double Flat Edge
Groove line Edge
Double 45 Flat Edge Double Mitre Edge
Cove Edge
Flat / Straight Edge
45 Edge
Double Chamfered Edge

Seven Value Added Values


  • We value Punctuality on our Delivery Time.
  • We are an in-house installer.
  • We provide multiple color choices for the products you choose.
  • Problem Solving Solutions within 3 to 5 working days.
  • Fifteen (15+) years of worktop installation experience.
  • Our products are installed with double layer silicons and aluminium hob covers.
  • No job or order is considered too small for us.