About Quartz

About Quartz

Quartz is the fourth strongest material on earth after diamond, sapphire, and topaz. When combined with high-quality resins and formed into surfacing slabs, it lasts a lifetime, is completely hygienic, and is resistant to impact, scratching and scorching. Quartz is also the most abundant mineral on earth.


advantages of quartz countertops

appearance of quartz countertop

Another benefit of quartz countertops is the wide range of stylish, sleek, and contemporary styles available. Quartz countertop producers may use pigments and other materials like recycled glass and metal flecks to create almost any design and colour you choose. Unlike real stones such as granite, you are not bound to Mother Nature’s patterns when using quartz.

durability of quartz countertop

Quartz countertops are extremely durable, which is one of the primary reasons people purchase them. The objective of the Italian firm Breton when they created the technique of making manufactured quartz stone in 1963 was to take use of quartz’s natural abundance to make a more durable material than stone. Fortunately, Breton’s vision was realised, and quartz countertops are now one of the most durable surfaces available for use in the home.

simple design

Quartz countertops are easier to design than genuine stone counters since the sample tiles are accurate approximations. The content you see on the internet or in stores is identical to what you’ll find in your house. That isn’t always the case with real stone, because no two slabs are alike.